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Support for investors

Wodzisław Śląski – Invest with Us!

Wodzisław Śląski is a town open to business. The overriding goal of its authorities is to create and maintain a positive investment climate. This attitude has already been successful in many fields.
However, the authorities of Wodzisław Śląski do realise that business prefers actions and implementations to declarations and assurances.

At the Town Hall, investors are served by the employees of the Investor Service and Real Property Trade Section. Any entrepreneur can count on their assistance, or even on being attended to with particular care. An investor interested in Wodzisław is guided by the employees of the Investor Service and Real Property Trade Section through each of the stages of their undertaking.
Furthermore, the clerks can provide assistance by acting as agents in the establishment of business relations or in the contacting of companies and institutions which provide advisory, counselling, training or staff acquisition services.

The Investor Service and Real Property Trade Section provides assistance with regard to the following:

  • presentation of the economic potential of the town,
  • explanation of the business activity rules,
  • investment opportunities: including investment areas, office space, halls and warehouses,
  • provision of thorough assistance in the finding of a proper location that meets the expectations of the investor as well as of its partners and sub-suppliers,
  • quick access to comprehensive information on the economic and legal environment of the investment,
  • investment and tax incentives,
  • assisting the investor in all of the necessary administrative and legal procedures occurring during the project implementation,
  • provision of substantive assistance at any stage of the investment,
  • mediation in the contacts with the self-government and government administrations, as well as with business environment institutions,
  • investment aftercare for companies.

Every Investor will get their own "Project Manager" who will assist them at each stage of the project implementation and following its completion.

Obsługa inwestora
Wydział Mienia i Nadzoru Właścicielskiego Referatu Obsługi Inwestorów i Obrotu Nieruchomościami
Bogumińska Street 4
44-300 Wodzisław Śląski
Telephone: +48 32 459 05 32
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Economic Zone

One of the chief economic assets of Wodzisław Śląski is its economic zone, which is part of the Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSEZ). Being part of it guarantees to entrepreneurs the ability to use additional tax breaks related to the investment expenditure incurred and employees hired.
It should be noted that the KSEZ is one of Poland's most thriving economic zones. Moreover, it was recognised by FDI Business Financial Times as the best economic zone in Europe in 2015–2017. This distinction is reflected in the report “Investment Attractiveness of Poland's Provinces and Subregions” conducted by the Institute for Research of Market Economy, where the Śląskie [Silesian] Province was deemed the most attractive region of Poland in terms of investment.
Presently, over 300 enterprises operate within the KSEZ and their total investment expenditure reaches approx. PLN 31 billion (approx. €7 billion).

Zwolnienie podatkowe w KSSE w oparciu o koszty inwestycyjne:

  • For large enterprises, the amount of the tax break can reach up to 25% of the capital costs incurred.
  • Medium-sized enterprises – 35%
  • Small enterprises – 45%

An income tax break decision is issued for up to 15 years.

Tax exemption for creation of jobs:
The total amount of the tax break for large enterprises can be as high as 25% of the two-year personnel costs incurred with regard to the newly created jobs within the zone. For medium-sized and small enterprises, this limit is increased by 10% and 20%, respectively.

Entrepreneurs who operate in Wodzisław Śląski are able to use a number of investment incentives and allowances. These solutions have been implemented at the local, regional and national levels alike.


1. Property tax exemptions as part of de minimis aid apply to:

  • Newly constructed buildings and structures or parts thereof related to an entrepreneur's economic activities, provided that they are used for said activities,
  • Newly acquired lands, buildings and structures or parts thereof related to an entrepreneur's economic activities, provided that they are used for said activities.

Detailed information (in Polish): www.wodzislaw-slaski.pl/_files/articles/do-pobrania/Uchwala-Nr-XLIV-394-14.-pdf-z-dokumentu-zrodlowego.pdf

Updated information (in Polish): https://wodzislaw-slaski.pl/_files/articles/aktualnosci/2019/luty/uchwa%C5%82a%20nr%20IV-27-19%20zmiana%20%20de%20minimis_2.pdf

2. Premises for New Businesses
This is the town's programme for commercial premises that are part of the town's resources and made available on preferential conditions to micro- and small enterprises. The programme is available to:

  • those starting a business;
  • micro- and small enterprises which have conducted activities for no more than 3 years.

Detailed information (in Polish)  www.inkubatorwodzislaw.pl/polecane/lokale-na-start


The Regional Operational Programme for the Śląskie [Silesian] Province for 2014–2020 concerns the EU funds allotted exclusively to this region. As part of the ROP ŚP, Silesian entrepreneurs can obtain assistance for the following activities:

  • Measure 1.2 – Research, development and innovations at enterprises,
  • Measure 3.2 – Innovations at SMEs,
  • Measure 3.3 – IT and communication technologies in economic activities,
  • Measure 4.2 – Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources at micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Entities that can use EU subventions as part of the ROP ŚP include:

  • Micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Financial institutions
  • Business environment institutions
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Employer organisations
  • Clusters
  • Academic and industrial consortia
  • Public-private partnerships

In addition, non-grant support is also available due to the existing loan system. In 2016, the authorities of the Śląskie [Silesian] Province concluded a Financing Agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB) / European Investment Fund (EIF). Under it, loans are available for four measures as part of the ROP ŚP for 2014–2020.

The following measures are available to entrepreneurs:

  • Measure 3.4 Recapitalisation of external sources of entrepreneurship financing.
    Loans and guaranties are aimed at micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to reinforce their basic activities, realise new ideas or enter new markets.
  • Measure 4.2 – Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources at micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises.
    Loans for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises that wish to decrease energy losses or increase their share of renewable energy.
  • Measure 7.5. Support for persons who wish to start a business.
    Loans for people aged 30+ who wish to start a business.

Investors Assistance Center - is providing support to entrepreneurs at the regional level.

Detailed information. Regional Main Information Centre for the European Union Funds
www.rpo.slaskie.pl and www.scp-slask.pl


1. Polish Investment and Trade Agency
Government grants are given under the Programme for Supporting Investments of Strategic Importance for Polish economy for 2011–2023.
Detailed information – https://www.paih.gov.pl/why_poland/investment_incentives

2. Operational Programme Smart Growth
This EU programme enables various things, such as support for research and development undertakings and implementation of R&D results in the economy.
Detailed information – www.poir.gov.pl 

3. Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment
EU programme that allows enterprises to acquire funds for various activities, such as those related to low-emission economy, environmental protection, energy security and health care.
Detailed information – www.pois.gov.pl

4. Horizon 2020
The largest programme in history that aims to finance scientific research and innovations in the European Union. The budget of Horizon 2020 for 2014–2020 amounts to nearly €80 billion. The programme aims to ensure financing for modern undertakings from their initial stages to the final implementation of their solutions, products or technologies.
Detailed information - www.instrumentyfinansoweue.gov.pl/en

Detailed information together with application templates are available at the website of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency http://www.paih.gov.pl/en

Any information on the legal regulations related to the conduct of business activities in Poland can be found on the website of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, in the Polish Law tab.