The time for filing the motion concerning the tender for the operator of the Wodzisław Town Bike system has been prolonged. The companies that would like to commit themselves to channeling, managing and keeping the WRM, can submit the tender till 26th August 2019.

The task for the winning company will be complex preparation and service of the hire firm system: the delivery of the station and bikes, and also the preparation of the website and mobile device application. The mobile application dedicated to WRM will be available in at least four languages: Polish, English, German and Russian. Every user can use if for free and download it on the generally available platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows Phone.

This application will not only make it easy to hire and return the equipment, but it will also enable the users to look into the system maps. The system will give the information concerning the precise number of available working, unblocked bikes on every station in the actual time.

The Wodzisław Town Bike System is to include 9 bike stations equipped with information desks, bicycle stands and 40 bikes. Only people who weigh below 125 kilograms will be allowed to use the bikes.

The residents of Wodzisław will have the possibility to take a baggage weighing maximum 15 kilograms on the front carrier.

It will be possible to use the hire company for the whole day, all days of the week, from 1st March to 30th November. The winning company will realize the order till 30th November 2021.

More information concerning the investment, the announcement of the tender and the files to download are available in the Public Information Newsletter, click here.